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The following is fictional and does not in anyway relate to canon events

Chapter 5
The Cross-breed

Bekkah was in a particularly foul mood as the group trudged on.  Her head still pounded with the memories of her vivid dream, she had awoken this morning only to find she was the last one up and the least refreshed. Ash hadn’t said a word to her yet, so as far as she knew he hadn’t caught on to the fact her sleep had be riddled with nightmares. She smothered a yawn as she felt the lack of sleep set in, the last thing she wanted was to alert Ash, he had a knack for sensing when she was having those troubled dreams. They continued along the edge of the stream, following its winding path through the trees. There was silence within the group for over an hour before Lara spoke.
“So Bekkah, Ash is there more you can divulge about the clan Kouen? I’ve always been curious about the colour of your eyes and hair, how did that come from a clan that was known for blue-black hair and dark eyes?”
Bekkah and Ash glanced back at Lara, even Sasuke and Kankuro had now drawn their focus to her.
“Oh I don’t see why not, it helps to pass the time” Ash said stretching his arms over his head and yawning slightly.
“The reasoning for our distinct hair and eye colour comes down to genetics.” He continued.
“Those from Skiah have dark hair and dark eyes, as the Uchiha genes from the founding member are strong, so even if the partner had say, red hair and blue eyes, often a child was born complete with Skiah looks.”
Bekkah nodded in agreement and continued from Ash.
“However Juan, Washi and Kouen were an odd bunch, their mother was Skian but their father was a wandering traveller with light hair and light eyes.”
She took a breath and continued, meeting the genuinely interested expression of Kankuro, Sasuke and Lara.
“Juan was the perfect Skian specimen, long dark blue hair, stunning black eyes. Washi, the second born was odd, he had reddish-brown hair and brown eyes and lastly came Kouen, blonde with green eyes.”
Ash put a hand on his chin thoughtfully and continued on. “It seemed the traveller of whom the Inazumakage had married too had conflicting strong genes.”
“Anyway, so Kouen was blonde with green eyes, and unlike his brother Washi, he had inherited Fukurome, another reason why they did not get along.”
Kankuro looked up quizzically. “Fukurome?” He questioned.
Bekkah and Ash stared politely at the puppet master before realizing he wasn’t joking.
“Fukurome, or “owl-eyes” is the Kekkai Genkai of the clan Skiah, derived from the Sharingan of the Uchiha clan, it gives the user heightened senses, like sight, smell and hearing, also increases speed and agility.” Ash explained.
“Anyway when Kouen left with his followers they came across a small village in the wind country, the residence their also had blonde hair but blue eyes.”
“It was not long after that the first generations of Kouens were born, all took his first name as their last.”
Bekkah continued, she turned to Ash and he took it upon himself to continue.
“Not all Kouens had the blonde hair, but most did, same with the green eyes, many of Kouens first followers were Skians possessing dark hair and eyes, so many of the first generation were dark haired and eyed.”
Even the birds in the trees above seemed to have gone silent, intent on listening to the pieces of history.
“By one-hundred years into the founding of the Kouen Clan most children now had blonde hair and green eyes, occasionally a child was born who had different hair and eyes, but the strong genes of the Kouens dictated that if one was of Kouen heritage there was only a one in ten chance their hair would be different and a one in twenty their eyes would be.”
Bekkah glanced around at the Shinobi around her, they were still listening intently to ever word she and Ash said.
“I am a perfect example.” She started. “I’m a cross-breed, my father was Kouen, my mother. . . not.” She stopped in her tracks as the memories of a lonely childhood came back, the pain of having a mother who couldn’t stand the guilt that came along with a daughter of adultery.
“I was born with blonde hair and green eyes, the only trait I share in common with my mother’s side are my canine teeth.”
Lara looked thoughtful. “So your clan has very strong genetics, meaning even if an outsider married a Kouen the children will most likely be of Kouen looks.”
Sasuke glanced in Bekkah’s direction to see her reaction to Lara’s words, she nodded in agreement.
“The sky jutsu is also strong, more than likely the children will possess sky jutsu too.” She added with a shrug.
Ash stretched once again and glanced at the sun which was now high in the sky.
“Well that has killed off some more time.” He said smothering a yawn.
“Quite the interesting tale too.” Lara added with a slight smirk.
The group continued on, feeling a little more light hearted with the passing time.
Ash and Bekkah knew they must be deep into Washi territory now, and were beginning to feel uneasy.
“Ash, I’m going to climb that tree and see if I can spot the mountains from here, it’ll give us a good indication of how far we are” Bekkah muttered.
Ash nodded his head, his eyes flashing a warning to be discrete.
Ash held up a hand and the group stopped.
“What’s the matter Kouen?” Sasuke hissed stopping suddenly in his tracks. Ash flashed him a cold look. “Bekkah is going to scope the surrounding area, just stay put!” he snapped.
Sasuke folded his arms across his chest and rolled his black eyes.
Ash nodded to Bekkah who was standing patiently beside a large tree, quick as a flash she scaled the trunk and into the branches. She poked her head slowly over the leaves to stare out into the forest and horizon in front of her. She almost cried out in excitement at how close the mountains of Raigakure seemed to be, she could see them clearly in the distance, big hunks of intimidating rock, trees and snow.
Quickly she skirted back down to the ground to the awaiting Shinobi below.
“We’re close! About forty, maybe forty five kilometres away!” she said hurriedly.
Ash sighed in relief. “We are making good time then, come on, the faster we get to Raigakure the less time we spend in hostile territory!”
A surge of energy seemed to travel through the group and they hurriedly continued their trek, it seemed the ground was becoming more elevated a good sign they were approaching higher grounds.
The good vibes through the group stopped as suddenly as it began when Bekkah suddenly raised a hand, her golden eyes startled.
“Do you hear that?” she hissed to Ash, he cocked his head to one side, listening for a sound that the other three couldn’t seem to hear. His eyes widened with alarm and he nodded.
“Wing beats!”
Bekkah turned to the other three and gestured for them to get into the cover of some nearby bushes. She and Ash then followed, crouching silently, eyes and ears still perked.
“What is it?” Sasuke muttered, placing his hand on Bekkah’s arm.
She turned her golden eyes to him.
“Wing beats” she mouthed, his eyes grew wide with understanding and he closed his mouth, and did not utter another word.
By now the wing beats were loud enough for the others to hear, Bekkah and Ash saw them tense, Kankuro’s hand tightened around the strap of his bundles, his face creased into a slight growl, Lara was hiding her concern behind a veil of ambivalence and Sasuke’s hand, to Ash’s distaste, tightened around Bekkah’s arm.
Ash glanced at his cousin. “There is only one of them” he muttered, his expression of concern changing to that of confusion.
“They never travel alone though; can you hear the eagle companion?” Bekkah hissed back.
Ash shook his head. “I don’t hear any eagles, only native birds.”
Bekkah too now had a look of confusion on her face. “That is quite odd”
The wing beats were getting closer now, then as suddenly as they came, they stopped.
The group held their breath in anticipation. Bekkah stiffened and Sasuke’s grip tightened further.
“You hear that?” Kankuro hissed.
Bekkah and Ash nodded. “Footsteps in the treetops” Ash answered quietly.
He made a gesture to Lara, she met his eyes and nodded, silently she crept to the edge of the bush and with one leap silently landed on a branch above.
Bekkah and Ash arranged themselves into Kouen defence positions, Kankuro’s hand tightened on his bundle and Sasuke released his grip from Bekkah’s arm.
There was an eerie silence in the clearly.
Suddenly an unknown voice cried out in pain, there was a loud thunk as he fell from the trees above into the small clearing between the trees.
Bekkah, Ash, Sasuke and Kankuro leapt from behind the bushes, poised for attack, a sudden burst of blue chakra and both Ash and Bekkah were sporting wings and talons.
Lara lightly leapt from the trees, her eyes focused on the being before them, glowing dangerously. He was in her power now.
The group stared at the paralysed man on the ground. Ash and Bekkah let out snarls of rage at his golden tunic and reddy-brown hair.
“Washi!” Ash growled.
The man let out a small noise of discomfit, still unable to move on his own accord.
“Hyuuga stand him up!” Ash snarled. Lara obliged, moving her fingers ever so slightly the man suddenly and unnaturally leapt to his feet, his head still bowed.
Ash approached the Washi man, trembling with rage; he held a taloned finger to his throat and with the other hand jerked his bowed head up to meet his gaze.
He was met with beautiful green eyes, full of fear.
Ash recoiled, jumping back with a yelp.
“Ash, what’s wrong?” Bekkah cried.
Ash was still moving back slowly from the man, Lara startled by Ash, released her hold on him.
The man fell to his knees, panting, he raised his gaze to the group and Bekkah gasped.
“His eyes!” she hissed, staring into the emerald green eyes of the man.
The man looked as startled as she did, his eyes lingering on her tears of the phoenix face paint and fire bird emblem.
“Kouens!” He coughed.
He jumped to his feet and activated his sky jutsu, in a flash, dull brown wings appeared on his back.
“Those wings. . .” Ash whispered, “They’re not golden!”
“His hands!” Bekkah shrieked.
The man looked panicked now, he looked down at his hands, which had sprouted talons and quickly hid them behind his back.
The man began to back up, his wings twitching as if eager to take off.
“Don’t move!” Sasuke warned, his eyes flashing red.
The man stopped in his tracks and a small growl suddenly spread over his face. He held his hands out in front of him and took on an attack stance.
“Wait a second. . . your stance!” Bekkah cried.
Now the man looked really panicked, sweat was beginning to bead across his forehead, smudging the yellow Washi paint surrounding his right eye.
“It’s a Kouen attack stance” Ash hissed.
“I’m not a Kouen!” the man suddenly snarled.
“What are you then! Lara subdue him!” Bekkah snapped.
“With pleasure.” Lara said, locking her gaze with the green eyed Washi once more.
He went suddenly still, his eyes now fearful.
“What is this! What is happening!” he managed to gasp.
“Who is this man?” Ash hissed.
Sasuke and Kankuro exchanged confused expressions.
“Is this one of those Washi guys they talk about?” Kankuro whispered to Sasuke. Sasuke nodded. “Yes, I’ve ran into them with them before, but this one seems odd.”
Bekkah and Ash tentatively approached the man, their talons still poised, wings shuddering intently.
Ash drew level with the green eyed Washi, and in a calmer voice said.
“What is your name Washi?”
The Washi man was startled at the calm tone in the Kouen’s voice, he hesitated before realising refusing would get him nowhere.
“Kevahnahai Golden-Wing Washi Go-Ruden.” He answered quietly.
Bekkah swallowed harshly and regarded the increasingly confused expression on Ash’s face.
“Why would a Washi have such a long name?” He questioned.
The man didn’t answer; his green eyes flittered to the ground.
“Washi’s do not give their children middle names, especially those in relation to birds.” Ash said quietly.
The man looked back up, he looked scared, not of the Kouens but of something else.
“Why are you travelling along?” Ash continued his interrogation.
“I am a loner.” The man answered, his voice low, a note of sadness hidden behind his fear.
“Where is your eagle?”
“I do not have one, I was not permitted to have an eaglet growing up.” The man growled his voice now full of hurt and supressed rage.
Bekkah looked stunned. “Why would you not be permitted to have an eagle?” she said, actually feeling pity for the Washi man.
The man looked her way, his face a sneer.
“I know you have already guessed why! Why else would I still be alive?” he growled.
Bekkah looked up at Ash, “I don’t understand” she said, meeting her cousins eyes.
“I do.” Ash said quietly.
“He is part Kouen.”
The man let out a small moan of guilt and self-loathing. Bekkah gasped.
“The green eyes, the wings, the talons! Of course!”
Sasuke and Kankuro exchanged looks. “This is more intense than I first thought.” Sasuke muttered.
“How is that possible?” Bekkah continued, stuttering her words. “We hate each other!”
The man moaned again, and met her eyes; they were dull now, full of despair.
“I live due to the evils of the clans.” He whispered his eyes boring into hers.
Ash recoiled back, his eyes now wide with understanding.
“You are Kevahn, son of betrayer!” Ash hissed.
Kevahn made a move as if to hurt Ash, but his body was still held back by Lara’s manipulation.
“Is that what they told you? That my mother betrayed your clan!” Kevahn snarled. “My mother did not ask for me! Nor did she ask for the vile Washi man to produce me against her will!”
Bekkah took a step back.
“You hate the Washi’s and the Kouen’s?” she hissed.
Kevahn’s eyes went dull once again.
“Both clans betrayed me, the Washi for their production of a disgusting predator, and the Kouen’s, for labelling my mother as nothing but a betraying harlot. When I was born, my mother dumped me at the edge of the Washi forest. I was found by an old Washi woman, who could see from my eyes I was not pure born. She raised me as her own, knowing I was a cross-breed, so for that I must repay my debt to those of the Washi clan who do not condone the actions of one sadistic Washi man.”
Ash and Bekkah let their hands fall to their sides, their faces stricken. Lara felt the strong pull of hate, remorse, self-loathing and disgust in Kevahns mind; she struggled to hold her grip on his body.
“You dress as a Washi, but you do not wish to be one, you said you were a loner, but it was not by choice, was it?” Bekkah whispered her golden eyes stricken. Kevahn met her gaze, it was dull once again.
“Yes.” He answered.
Bekkah sat down in front of Kevahn, she no longer felt the hate and rage toward the man she had first felt when seeing his Washi clothes, now she only felt pity and understanding.
“I am a cross-breed also.” She muttered, Kevahn looked up quizzically and cocked his head to one side.
“Your eyes.” He started, “They’re golden. . . is that the non-Kouen part of you?”
Bekkah smiled slightly. “Not quite, it’s my teeth.” She grinned, showing sharp, extended canines.
“Like you I was not wanted by my family, my father, Nakkenakai Kouen was killed, but before that occurred I was born, as a result of adultery. My biological mother would have been happier had I never been born.”
She heard rather than saw Sasuke approach and place a hand on her shoulder.
A flitter of trust began to appear in Kevahn’s green eyes. “I’m hated in my village, and hated by your people, you must not know how that feels.” He said.
Bekkah frowned. “Unfortunately I do not, but I can tell you this Kevahnahai Golden-Wing Kouen, we will not kill you, nor will we hurt you, we will never hurt our own kin, no matter what others in my clan may have said and done.”
Tears were beginning to form in the green eyes of KEvahn, never had anyone spoken with such a kind tone to him, never had he felt like an equal.
“I was taught to loathe and distrust all your kind, and because of the life I was given by my Kouen mother I felt it necessary to follow on those learned qualities . . . but you two are different, why? Why do you feel it necessary to trust me? Half of my blood is that of a clan you hate.” Kevahn whispered.
Ash had no approached Bekkah and was kneeling down beside her.
“As my cousin has already stated, we will not, not ever, hurt one of our own, it would make me a hypocrite to deny you the benefit of the doubt with your cross-breed blood when my own cousin is not pure Kouen.” He said quietly, putting a hand on Bekkah’s as he spoke.
Kevahn regarded Ash, “You are her cousin?”
Ash nodded, “Her father, Nakkenakai, or Nakken as he was known, was the younger brother of my father Raikure.”
“Lara. . . release him.” Bekkah whispered.
Lara hesitated. “Are you sure? He could be tricking us”
“Do it.” Bekkah snapped.
Lara made a small noise of compliant, but let her hand fall uselessly to the ground, her eyes dimming.
Kevahn fell forward from the sudden release of his body.
He coughed as dirt filled his lung.
Ash stood up, and held a taloned hand out to him.
Kevahn still seemed uneasy, eyes focused on the tears of the phoenix face paint.
“I swear on the Red  Phoenix, we will not harm you Kevahnahai Golden-Wing Kouen.” Ash said, his voice level and calm.
Something seemed to change in Kevahn, he felt something, like maybe he belonged, he had never had a friend, no one in the Washi village was permitted to befriend the half-breed, he had gone through life hating himself and everyone around him , now here was someone, a Kouen, the kind of person he would least suspect, holding out a hand to him, encouraging him to trust him, maybe befriend him.
Kevahn smiled and took Ash’s hand, allowing the Kouen man to help him to his feet.
Their talons clanged as their hands came into contact.
“Tell me Kevahn, what were you doing out here?” Ash said as Kevahn brushed the dirt from his clothes.
Kevahn took a few seconds to reply, still feeling slightly uneasy surrounded by the assorted group of strangers.
“I’ll take any excuse to leave the village, I was travelling to a smaller Washi outpost to give the weekly report, not that they listen to me anyway, they just ridicule me.” He responded with a sigh.
Ash and Bekkah exchanged looks.
“You have outposts in these woods?” Ash hissed.
Kevahn nodded confused. “Yes, plenty of them, in fact if you keep heading in a straight line you’ll run into the one closest to the village.” He said casually.
Bekkah and Ash looked horrified.
“We would have headed straight into a trap.” Bekkah said in a low voice.
“Maybe it was fate by the power of Tori that we were to come across this man.”
Ash nodded. “Perhaps.”
“Kevahn, you seem to know these forests, and the location of your people’s outposts, we wish to avoid them, can you help us?” Ash said.
Kevahn looked startled. “I—I don’t wish to bring harm upon the Washi people, though most were cruel to me, there were those who were not.”
Ash shook his head.
“Kevahn, I need you to trust me, we do not want to fight your people, we are trying to prevent a war, do you know of the whispers?”
Kevahn moved uncomfortably.
“Yes” he admitted, “I overheard a group of warriors discussing attack plans, they seem intent on meeting your clan head on. . .”
Bekkah clenched her fists, biting down hard to control her temper, Tori was stirring within her, furious at those words.
“Surely you did not wish to fight?” Lara drawled, “I could see it in your mind, you’re lying about the outpost, you were fleeing the village to avoid conscription.”
Kevahn made a strangled noise and backed away slightly, his dull wing twitching.
But he could see no anger or rage in the eyes of any of the strangers, no, only respect.
“You do not find my actions cowardly?” he said quietly.
“No!” Bekkah said rushing up to him in a way that made Sasuke’s black eyes narrow with dislike.
“That is admirable!” she said as Kevahn relaxed.
“We wish to prevent war also, that is why we are travelling through the forests, we are trying to contact the ancient people of Skiah.”
Kevahn gasped.
“The Skians? They seldom leave their village at the foot of the mountain, how can they help?”
“They are wise and knowledgeable, they can perhaps find the words to calm both sides of the storm, I won’t say my clan is innocent, because they are not, they too wish to fight, we however do not want to see the blood of any Clan of the Sky spilt.” Ash said, his voice wavering slightly.
“This is some screwed up family feud huh!” Kankuro whispered to Sasuke, they both had been standing back from the clearing since the capture of Kevahn, seemingly ignored by all.
Sasuke nodded. “It’s more complicated than I could have ever imagined.”
“I still don’t see how I can help, I just want to be gone from here” Kevahn sighed.
“We need your help in directing us through this forest without alarming the Washi people.” Ash said approaching Kevahn.
Bekkah nodded. “Please Kevahn.” She whispered placing a hand on his arm.
Kevahn glanced at the two Kouens, and again all he felt was trust and a sense of belonging underneath the red paint.
He sighed. “Fine, I will help you, but I want you to promise me something.”
Ash nodded. “If it is within my power.
Kevahn blushed slightly. “I want to become part of your clan.”
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My parts for them:
1. AT-Explorer
2. AT-Starlight
3. AT-Kinco and Seddu

Their parts:
1. art trade for Bekkalada
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P.s. I got into Honours! I'm going to be researching bismuth metal as an alternative to treating Leishmania :meow:


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Also! Comment for a feature and link what you want put in ;)

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AT-Kinco and Seddu by Bekkalada
AT-Kinco and Seddu
Art Trade piece for :iconshikuroxkanno:

Her characters Seddu (the serpent) and Kinco (the bird) in their second forms.
I Adore how Seddu came out, and Kinco's eye :iconimhappiestplz:

Seddu 2nd form: <da:thumb id="135308975">
Kinco 2nd form (Couldn't find one by SxK, here is one I did): .Kinco.

I didn't do a background because I didn't want to ruin the foreground >_< I spent a while getting these two right and don't want to mess them up with a shitty background.

Art to Me

Characters to :iconshikuroxkanno:
The following is fictional and does not in anyway relate to canon events

Chapter 4 Nightmare

“Where the hell did she go?”
Ash was storming around the clearing, searching the tree-tops for Bekkah. It was just before sunrise that he had awoken to find that she was not where he had last seen her resting.
Lara stood passively next to Kankuro. “Perhaps she went to get a drink; I can hear a stream nearby.” She said calmly as Ash stomped around the clearing muttering angrily.
Ash however did not hear her, or chose not to, he continued to pace around the clearing.
Lara sighed.
“Gee he seems a bit unstable.” Kankuro mumbled wiping his eyes; he yawned then continued to stretch his shoulders.
“He is much attached to his cousin, he is deafly afraid to lose her.” Lara answered.
“A bit too attached if you ask me.” Kankuro snorted.
“Her father was killed. He admired his uncle, she is all that if left of him.” Lara hissed, now focusing her penetrating gaze on the puppet master.
Kankuro reeled back slightly. “Gee sorry I wasn’t trying to be, you know, insensitive or something.” He said rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.
Lara just nodded, still watching Ash.
“Ashferia.” She snapped
This time, being addressed by his full name, Ash looked up.
“What Hyuuga?” he snarled.
Lara met his angry gaze unflinchingly.
“I suggest you calm down and follow me, I hear a stream nearby, did you ever stop to think people actually get thirsty?”
Ash flushed slightly with embarrassment. “I guess you’re right.” He muttered.
“Where’s the other brat?” Kankuro yawned.
Lara and Ash exchanged looks. “Probably not far from where Bekkah is.” Lara sighed with a slight shudder.
Ash shook his head with a sigh.
The three shinobi followed the sounds of the stream through the trees.
Ashbeak and Sparky followed in the treetops, hoping and fluttering from one branch to another.
The group entered the clearing, sleeping soundly by the stream was Bekkah, curled up into a little ball. A few feet away Sasuke was resting against a tree, the remnants of Bekkah’s red paint smeared on his finger tips.
Ash glared at the sleeping boy for a few seconds before roughly kicking him.
“Get up!”
Sasuke woke with a start, his eyes wide; he leapt to his feet, hands out, positioned to fight.
He caught sight of Ash glowering at him and Lara and Kankuro snickering close by and he frowned.
“That’s not exactly the politest way to treat a team member.” He growled brushing off some dirt from his clothes.
The commotion woke Bekkah, her golden eyes flickered open and she rolled out of her curled position and into a sitting one.
“Good morning.” She said blankly to the group, ignoring the fact Sasuke and Ash were staring each other down.
“Sleep well?”
Lara and Kankuro exchanged slightly puzzled looks.
“Yes thank you. . .” said Kankuro slowly.
Bekkah got to her feet and proceeded to walk towards them.
“Are we ready to leave?” she queried.
“That depends.” Lara said.
Bekkah tilted her head to the side. “Depends on what?”
“On if Ash and Sasuke can keep their eyes off each other.” Lara sniggered.
Bekkah tilted her head further. “If this is a joke, I’m sorry I don’t get it.” She said a little sadly.
Lara gave her a slightly sympathetic look. “Don’t worry, it wasn’t really funny anyway.”
“I’m just saying you should be a little more respectful to me Kouen, I helped you with that maniac sister of yours!”
Lara, Bekkah and Kankuro focused their attentions on the two arguing shinobi.
“Don’t you dare even bring that, that thing, into this!” Ash snarled.
Sasuke put his hands up defensively. “Hey sorry I wasn’t trying to add fuel to your fire.” He said a little too arrogantly.
Ash made a move to lunge forward.
“Ash!” Bekkah growled. “Sasuke! Would you both back down!? This is supposed to be a TEAM mission, start acting like one.” She snapped.
Both Ash and Sasuke turned their attentions to her, after a few tense moments Ash relaxed.
“You are completely right.” He said bluntly.
“If I recall, I did suggest that we put differences asides and act civilly.” Lara drawled inspecting her finger-nails.
Bekkah nodded “I recall that to be the truth.”
Sasuke folded his arms across his chest huffily. “Fine with me.” He sneered.
Ash glanced coldly at him before turning back to Bekkah.
“Me too.” He said a little forcefully.
“Good, shall we continue then?” Lara said swaying her arms forward as a gesture of “onward”.
“Just need to uh. . .” Ash said reaching into his pack and pulling out a small container of red paint.
Lara sighed. “Why are many so reliant on paint?”
“For once, I agree.” Sasuke muttered.
“Hey it can be a sign of respect or power, or to install fear in enemies.” Kankuro said pulling out his small container of maroon-purple paint. He strode over to the stream where Ash and Bekkah were already glancing down at, using it as a mirror to paint on their Tears of the Phoenix stripes.
A few minutes later and some snide comments from both Lara and Sasuke, the team was ready to head off.
Ash led the way through the trees again, winding this way and that, never staying in a straight line.
“Why are we weaving so much?” Kankuro groaned turning sharply to follow Lara.
“It’ll help throw off out scent encase someone decides to track us.” Ash answered, green eyes focused ahead.  
“Fair enough.” Kankuro shrugged readjusting his bundles.
They continued on for a few hours, there was mostly silence among the group, Ash and Bekkah occasionally exchanged a few words, and Lara too added her own opinions, Kankuro and Sasuke however remained quiet, keeping to themselves.
“When will we hit Washi territory?” Bekkah muttered, coming into step with Ash.
“Washi territory spans the border between the Fire Country and the Lightning Country, so very soon, by the end of the day perhaps.” He answered.
“How far into their territory is the supposed home of Skiah?” this time it was Sasuke who spoke, it seemed he had been listening in.
Ash regarded him a little menacingly before answering. “The mountains of Raigakure are at the edge of the other side of the territory; we will be heading straight through the middle of Washi territory unless we come from the west, that will however add several days to our journey, and I would like to prevent them from hurting my clan as quick as possible!” Ash said the passion quite audible in his voice.
“I agree, no Washi will touch a single member of the Clan of Kouen.” Bekkah added savagely.
“A little too savagely.” Sasuke thought to himself. “The work of Tori?”
He glanced at the Sky Sage, regarding her with his sharp black eyes.
She hadn’t spoken a word to him since this morning. What had he done this time?
Suddenly Bekkah stiffened, her head began to dart this way and that, her eyes fiercely strained.
“What is it?” Ash muttered as the rest of the group froze.
“Someone is approaching.”
Lara’s eyes narrowed as she strained her ears to hear the slightest of sounds.
“I hear nothing” she murmured.
“Trust Bekkah, she and Ash have far superior hearing to us” Sasuke sneered folding his arms over his chest.
“I didn’t doubt her I was just stating what I myself could hear.” Lara hissed.
Before Sasuke could retort Bekkah made a wild gesture with her hand.
“Several metres that way!” she hissed pointing northward in the direction they were heading.
The group tensed, eyes straining, there were several moments of silence before both Bekkah and Ash seemed to relax.
“Whoever they were, they’re gone now; it seems we were not a threat to them.” Ash muttered letting his fists fall to his side.
An awkward silence passed between the group as the situation returned to normal.
“Shall we get moving then?” Lara said casually scanning the group with her vague and pupiless eyes.
“Might as well” Kankuro said re-adjusting the bundles over his shoulder.
The group continued off at a steady pace, Ash and Bekkah both seemed less alert and tense now that whoever had been following them had lost interest.
The group was silent for several minutes before Lara spoke, breaking the silence.
“You’ve never spoken much about the Clans of Sky before Bekkah, what do you know of them?”
Bekkah stopped in her tracks and turned to face the dark sage, her golden eyes full of interest.
“Only what Ash here has told me and a few random notes here and there in old text books about the Wind Country clans.”
“Well. . ?” Lara pushed, eager for something to break the long and boring silence.
“I know it was founded hundreds of years ago by Skiah of the Uchiha clan, he and several others of differing clans, moved from the leaf village not long after the arrival of his own clan to the Lightning Country, there he met his wife and founded Skiah.”
Bekkah notice the Puppet Master too was now listening intently; even Sasuke seemed mildly interested at the mention of his clan name.
“It was at least fifty years after the founding of Skiah that Kouen, Washi and Juan were born. All brothers.”
“Ah, I see go on.” Lara said, she too was genuinely interested now.
“As they got older, a rift began to form between them, mainly Kouen and Washi, Juan was the oldest and therefore wisest of the three, and he kept out of the arguments.”
Bekkah paused for a second to glace at the shinobi, all eyes on her.
“Washi was a fool, he thought it best that only Hitakia, the bird god of eternity be worshipped by the tribe, he called Tori a demon and nothing but evil.” She couldn’t keep the anger out of her voice as she spoke. She paused again trying to find the right words.
“Kouen too, though I hate to admit it, was foolish also, he wished for only Tori to be worshipped, naming Hitakia nothing but weak.”
“And yet he was right in so many ways, for the Washi’s are nothing but idiots.” Ash muttered.
“So Juan did the only thing he could, he left it to a vote of the citizens of Raigakure, in the end, there were three separate groups, those who stood by Washi, those who stood by Kouen, and those, who like Juan believed in equality for the Bird Gods. Of course this caused an uproar amongst the groups, they began to fight each other, began to shed the blood of their brothers, until Juan said no more!”
All eyes on her, Bekkah continued.
“He banished his brothers and their followers from the city, using the powers he was bestowed as the Inazumakage. Washi went one way, cursing his brother Kouen, and Kouen went the other, filled with hate for Washi.”
“Kouen and his followers established themselves in a nomadic tribe in the Wind Country and over time our clan was born as it is today.”
“When it comes to the Washi’s though it is different.” Ash started finishing for Bekkah.
“Washi himself went to the leaf village, he convinced a Hyuuga girl to run away with him, back to the Lightning Country, that’s why they resemble that clan so much, and were able to produce such a jutsu as Washishiryoku.”
“An interesting tale.” Lara concluded.
“I don’t recall you telling me Skiah was an Uchiha.” Sasuke said turning to Bekkah.
“I was sure I had mentioned it somewhere.” She said with a shrug.
“That’s a hell of a lot more interesting then my background that’s for sure” Kankuro said stretching his arms.  
“You also managed to make this trip more bearable.” Lara said smothering a yawn.
Bekkah smiled “least I could do, I guess.”
“All this talk of Sky clans is making my wrist feathers itchy.” Ash muttered taking off his gloves and proceeding to scratch his left wrist.
“Nice one Ash!” Bekkah said starting to twitch. As if no longer able to resist, she pulled off the black fingerless glove and madly began to scratch her left wrist.
“What is it with those feathers?” Sasuke said unable to hide his amusement.
“We’re known as the most “Wild” of the Sky clans” Bekkah said between gritted teeth.
“Because our Jutsu involves Talons as well as wings, we for some reason sprout a ring of feathers around our left wrist.” Ash finished, his eyes glued to the brown feathers surrounding his wrist.
“And they itch!” Bekkah groaned. “That’s why most Kouens wear gloves; it prevents them from being ruffled because man do they itch!”
“Why don’t you just, you know, pluck them?” Kankuro said rubbing the back of his back sheepishly.
Bekkah and Ash both froze and turned their blazing eyes toward him.
“That’s like us telling you to cut your fingers off!” Ash hissed.
“They are a part of the Kouen heritage it would be un-thinkable!” Bekkah gasped.
“Whoa I’m sorry I didn’t mean any offence!” Kankuro said backing away hands out in front of him.
“No its fine.” Bekkah said a little harshly, slipping her glove back on.
“That all said and done shall we move on?” Lara said, giving s nervous cough.
The two sages of the Sky nodded briefly before turning on their heels and beginning the forward journey again.
They continued for quite some while without a word passing between the five shinobi until Sasuke finally broke the long silence.
“I hope there is a stream nearby, I’m pretty thirsty” he muttered.
Both Ash and Bekkah suddenly tilted their heads to one side.
“I think I can pick up the faint sound of running water” Ash murmured his green eyes darting to his cousin.
She nodded in agreement.
“I am sure it is the same one we previously camped at, it seems to run a great distance along these lands.” Bekkah said.
“How do they do that? I don’t hear a damn thing!” Kankuro snorted glancing at the Sky sage in disbelief.
“bird-like intuition” Lara said with a shrug.
‘They have heightened senses compare to most humans, due to their animalistic jutsu.”
“For that I am glad, my throat is parched.” Sasuke said smothering a yawn.
His black eyes skirted up towards the darkening skyline.
“It is beginning to get dark anyway; maybe we should stop for the night.”
Lara nodded. “For once I can agree with you Uchiha.”
Even Kankuro nodded curtly.
Bekkah and Ash however had not heard what was being discusses, too intent on listening to their surroundings and observing anything that could be out of the ordinary.
“Everything seems to be going okay so far.” Bekkah muttered to her cousin, golden eyes serious.
“Yes, we have not yet stumbled on any crazed Washi’s nor face any kind of dangerous wildlife, it almost seems unnerving.”
Bekkah nodded in agreement. “Perhaps we are just lucky this time.”
Ash’s serious expression did not falter. “I hope so.”
“Ash, Bekkah!”
The voice cut through the two Kouens silent thoughts.
“What?” Ash snapped turning to face Sasuke.
Sasuke met his gaze unflinchingly, in-fact Ash’s annoyed expression seemed to enhance the smug smirk on his handsome face.
“Lara, the puppet-guy (“The names Kankuro!”) and I have been discussing the darkening light, we think we should find that stream and stop for the night.” His voice was calm and as neutral as he could muster. This surprised Ash as the Uchiha boy knew he dislike him and any association he had with his cousin, and usually spoke to him very rudely.
“Oh, okay then. . . Bekkah what do you think?” Ash said still surprised by Sasuke’s lack of a sneer in his tone.
Bekkah glanced at the now setting sun.
“It is a good idea, we do not want to be flailing around in the dark, although we can see in the dark, the others cannot.” Bekkah said looking past Sasuke and directly at her cousin.
Sasuke felt a twang of annoyance at her lack of acknowledgment to him. Why did it seem she was avoiding him? He then felt annoyed with himself, she wasn’t avoiding him, she was being herself, her emotionless, serious self.
If she was so serious though, so emotionless, then why did she kiss him last night? He then corrected himself, he kissed her, and now he wasn’t so sure she really responded. Sasuke felt his head begin to ache, why were things so complicated with him?
Ash was watching Sasuke carefully; he hadn’t spoken since Bekkah had acknowledged the idea as a good one. What was he thinking?
“Better not to know.” Ash assured himself, he didn’t wish to get into the Uchiha’s affairs.
“Then we’ll continue on toward the stream and find a suitable area.” Ash finally said breaking the awkward silence.
Following Ash and Bekkah, who both could hear the flowing water much easier than the rest, the group weaved through the slowly receding trees.
It took them a matter of minutes to locate the stream and a further five to follow it down to a clearing. By now the sun was low in the sky; it wouldn’t be long until it had fully set.
The group settled themselves around the clearing, stretching aching muscles and pulling their small packs from their backs.
Bekkah reached a hand into hers and pulled out a small sack of food.
Ash suddenly lifted his head, seemingly sniffing the air.
His green eyes turned to the bag in his cousin’s hand, Bekkah saw his gaze lingering upon it and a sly smile began to etch across her face.
“Hungry Ashferia?” she drawled.
A pained expression slowly flittered into Ash’s eyes; his pride was battling with his love for the food she currently held.
“What so tasty that’s in the bag?” Kankuro questioned, overhearing the two Kouens.
Lara too looked mildly interested in the bag Bekkah held. “It must be something worth it, if even Ash is attracted to it.” She said.
A sudden laugh broke through the clearing, all four Shinobi turned to look at Sasuke.
“I’ve seen that bag before.” He snickered
A red flush began to creep over Bekkah and Ash’s faces, their eyes skirted to the ground in what could only be embarrassment.
“What about it Uchiha?” Lara snorted.
Sasuke’s grin widened as he tried to contain his laughter.
“It’s bird seed!” he sniggered.
By now both Ash and Bekkah were completely red in the face.
Lara and Kankuro both stared at the Kouens; eyes alight with the same amusement that Sasuke felt.
Kankuro couldn’t contain his laughter. “You eat bird seed!?” he roared, “Bird seed? No joke?”
The embarrassment was now gone in the Kouen’s eyes, replaced with anger.
“So what!” Ash snarled, “We’re a bird-clan what’s so funny about it!”
“Exactly my thoughts.” Bekkah sneered, a little calmer than Ash.
Lara was more composed then the two boys, her expression mildly amused.
“I didn’t laugh Ash, in fact Bekkah eating bird-seed isn’t new to me, so it would only be plausible you eat it too.”
“You on the other hand.” She said turning her attention to Sasuke, eyes hardening.
“You too know that Bekkah eats bird-seed, so why make a joke about it?”
Sasuke’s smile disappeared, replaced with an expression that showed no guilt.
“I was amused at you and Kankuro and how interested you were in the bag, not necessarily the fact they eat the contents of it.” He sneered.
Lara rolled her eyes and decided to ignore anything else the blue-haired boy had to say. Sasuke did not seem fazed by this at all.
Bekkah moved closer to Ash so that she could share the precious contents of her bag with him. Ash allowed a small smile before dipping his hand into the bag to retrieve a small handful of seeds. Bekkah noticed through the corner of her golden eyes that Kankuro was shaking his head in amusement, she decided it wasn’t worth her time to ark up and ignored his gesture. By now the sun was long gone and the moon light was flittering through the treetops.
“Time to get some rest” Ash said standing and stretching his aching legs, “I want you all up and ready by sun up, we still have a little way to go”
This time Bekkah rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say captain”
Ash shot her a dark but playful look and she smiled.
“Alright you heard the man, time to hit the hay” Bekkah said with a little sneer. Lara, Sasuke and Kankuro all sighed simultaneously and proceeded to map out a comfortable place in the clearing to sleep. Eventually they all seem to lie in a straight line formation, with Ash on one end and Lara on the other. Bekkah allowed her body to relax, she drew her small blanket tightly around her, it was cold tonight.
Bekkah felt the fatigue she was feeling take over, this was only the second day of their journey but her recent sleepless nights were beginning to take effect on her. She tried not to envision her previous nightmare, but it was constantly replaying over and over again. The high mountains of Raigakure, the screams and shouts of terrified people, Tori on one side, outside his internal cage, filled with burning rage, and on the other, Hitakia, as she had never seen him, huge, full of anger and passion. Bekkah shivered, she heard Ash stir beside her, she turned over and took a quick glance at her cousin, he was soundly asleep, face peaceful, not a care in the world. Bekkah frowned; things weren’t as easy for her. She turned to the other side to glance at Sasuke, he too was soundly asleep although his face seemed troubled. Bekkah let her golden eyes linger on his troubled face. She felt the sudden urge to reach out and brush the deep blue strands of hair from his tightly closed eyes, but resisted to avoid waking the boy. Bekkah inwardly sighed, she felt her head begin to throb, as it always did when she thought about the complications she and Sasuke were experiencing. The throbbing in her head began to subside, leaving an empty feeling inside. Bekkah sighed again, the fatigue she was feeling began to take over once again, she could no longer keep her glowing golden eyes open. . .
Screams and shouts or rage filled the open air; the screeches of eagles alike surrounded the blackened and burning field below the towering mountains of Raigakure. To one side stood a small band of Kouen warriors, adored in the traditional fur and feathers armour, their faces smeared with blood and dirt, one helpless and dead on the ground beside his brethren. To the other side stood a beaten, battered but unrelenting band of Washi’s warriors, dressed as always in the long garments that protect them from the cold. Several of them lay defeated on the ground, blood stained, beaten and un-moving. Neither party made a move, their eyes were frozen in fear in her direction, mouths wide open in disbelief. But Bekkah didn’t care, no, she had felt no remorse no pity, only animalistic rage. “Bekkah!” The voice was stricken with fear and despair.
“That’s not Bekkah, not anymore! Look at her! Look at it!”
Who were these voices, and who was this Bekkah of which they speak? Only rage and hate filled her mind, only the urge to destroy what was not adored in the red paint from the eyes to the cheeks.
“No let me go! It is her I know she is still in there!”
“Sasuke no!”
Now she was getting really mad, who were these people, why were they yelling in her direction? She snarled, a deep animalistic growl and spread her red wings, the bladed feathers clinking together in the silent field. Holding her clawed, feathered hands out in front of her, she positioned herself in an attack stance, the blades on her arms, composed of hardened feather gleamed in the dim moonlight. Still the idiot boy approached, his hand held out to her, black eyes pleading.
“Bekkah please stop this! Stop this madness before you kill us all!”
She growled again, this time more threateningly than before; the boy recoiled slightly but still pressed on. His hand came into contact with her claws; she hesitated confused by the action.
“Please. . .”
She jumped back with a snarl and slashed at the boy with her bladed arms, it caught him by surprise as it slice cleanly through his upper arm, creating a deep gouge. The boy cried out in pain, and in an instant another was at his side dragging him away. As he was dragged from the ground, bleeding profusely from the clean slice in his arms he looked up at her, she intently stared in his black eyes, seeing the reflection of a monster, a being covered in red feathers, wings filled with sharp metal blades, hand and feet feathered and taloned, eyes so brightly lit there seemed to be no iris or pupil, just red.
“Bekkah. . .” he whispered one last time. . .
Bekkah woke with a start her heart beating madly in her chest, sweat flittering from her forehead. This was no ordinary dream, it had felt real, but what alarmed her the most was in her dream, she was the monster, she had felt no remorse or pity, no restraint. She was also alarmed by the presence of the Kouen and Washi’s, beaten and bloodied, what had gone on there?
She swung her head to the side to take a glance at Ash, good he was still fast asleep, she checked her other side and was thankful to see Sasuke too hadn’t stirred.
Slowly she allowed herself to sink back into the soft ground, urging her body to calm down, it was only a dream, another horrible, vivid dream, she was no monster, there weren’t even any jutsu that she knew of that could have that physical effect on her. She almost smiled at how ridiculous it sounded. Having finally obtained a calm demeanour once again, she closed her golden eyes to return to the nightmares.
Clans of the Sky Ch.4
I am going to try and get this finished before I start uni.
These following chapters are mostly back story etc. . . not much action, enjoy!

may contain Bekkah/Sasuke</sub? read at your own risk ;)

Kouens, Lara (C) Me

Naruto and its related characters (C) Kishimoto
The following is fictional and does not in anyway relate to canon events

Chapter 3

Bekkah stood in her room gazing out the window. Ashbeak sat atop her shoulder, nibbling at some dried fruit she had given him.
Bekkah sighed. “So here we go again, do I ever get a rest?” she wondered.
She turned to look at herself in the mirror. Same as always, black pants and a Kouen black dress shirt with the fire-phoenix emblem and white around the collar. Black gloves with the finger-tips cut off to allow for her talons, one glove netted to her elbow. Her hair, blonde like a Kouen, had grown a bit since she last checked, and her fringe dyed black. Bekkah had just received a gift from Ash a month earlier, a traditional Kouen headband, with red fabric and the bird wing symbol, she had tied it around her arm, as was tradition for Kouen. Her eyes a deep glowing golden, face lined from eye to cheek with bold red stripes, the tears of the phoenix face paint as the Kouens call it.
She subconsciously reached a hand to her throat to grasp at the crystal pendant her father had given her, her fingers caressing its uneven surface.
The voice broke through her thoughts, she turned to see Ash standing in the doorway green eyes a light with curiosity and perhaps concern?
“Are you ready yet?”
Bekkah nodded, “Yes Ash, sorry, I was just distracted by thought.” She said hurriedly.
Ash raised an eyebrow, “should I be concerned?” he said with a sudden softness. He came over to where Bekkah was standing and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“When you have something on your mind, I know it isn’t good.” He said
Bekkah tried to ignore this, she knew he was trying to pry into the nightmare she had had the other night, but she wasn’t ready to delve back into the burnt and barren landscape that haunted her dream, the visions of the bird gods, gods at war. Bekkah shivered, Ash felt this.
“Bekkah? Tell me honestly . . . are you ready for this?”
This time Bekkah turned to him.
“Ready for what?” she said softly, a hidden growl edging at the back of her throat. She knew what was coming.
Ash hesitated, feeling the sudden anger beginning to radiate from his cousin.
“Ready for this mission. . . you suffered badly from the last. . . not physically Bekkah, but . . .” Ash rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding Bekkah’s piercing eyes.
“Mentally?” Bekkah finished for him.
Ash looked down at his hand resting on her shoulder.
“I fear for you Bekkah.” He said, his grip tightening slightly.
‘I fear what you may become, if he takes over.”
Bekkah recoiled.
“He is what saved my life when I faced the betrayer of the Kouens.” She hissed closing her eyes.
“Because of him I still live.”
“And because of him, you cannot be the person I know you long to be.” Ash said in the same hushed tone. “I do not wish to blaspheme, or disrespect that that is the great Tori, but I fear for your safety on every mission we go, I have seen too many times you lost in his grasp.” Ash said his voice cracking. He turned away from Bekkah, biting his bottom lip.
“You’re all I have left of your father.” He said bluntly. “I made a promise to myself I would always protect you.”
Bekkah opened her eyes, the anger dissipating into a deep sadness.
She felt ashamed at herself, she knew all along Ash only cared, so why had she allowed herself to feel anger at him?
“Ash, I’m sorry.” She sighed.
‘I guess I haven’t been myself since the fight with Harker, I always wonder, did she live?”
“Bekkah. . .” Ash started but Bekkah cut him off.
“I was too cowardly to deliver the final blow Ash.” She said clenching her fists.
She turned to him, her eyes flashing fiercely.  “I couldn’t do it!”
Ash was silent for a few seconds, he watched his distraught cousin as she bowed her head, anger radiating from her body like heat from a hot coal. “So, she may live, Bekkah that is the least of my concerns, what matters is here and now.” Ash finally said looping an arm around her shoulder.
“Let’s just get this mission out of the way ey? Don’t you think this is excited Bekkah? The Clan Skiah! We may be the first of the other clans of Sky to locate them! It’s been years since a member of Skiah had been sighted!”
Bekkah allowed a small smile to cross her lips. “I guess it is pretty exciting, but there is also the fact that we will be straying into Washi territory, a dangerous thing to be doing in these times.” She said with that blatant honesty.
Ash nodded in agreement. “We’ve faced them before, we’ll face them again.” He said giving her a playful tap on the shoulder.
“And were almost killed.” Bekkah said slyly.
Ash sighed and shook his head. “Can you ever be satisfied?” he sneered playfully.
Bekkah shrugged. “It depends on the circumstances.”
Ash shook his head again. “Let’s just go, we need to meet at the main gate for the rest of the party, it is to be split into two remember?”
Bekkah nodded. “Yes Ash.”  She put a hand up to her shoulder where Ashbeak sat, Ashbeak chirruped and nibbled at her hand playfully.
Ash watched her intently for a few seconds, his green eyes scanning her features for any signs of emotion, but her face remained blank and unreadable as always.
“Well.” He finally started. “Come on.”

The sand trio stood waiting by the gate, Gaara’s gaze was fixed at the road ahead, his eyes gave nothing away to the thoughts running through the red head. Kankuro stood restlessly beside, moving from foot to foot as if he couldn’t stand to be still.
“What’s taking them so long?” he finally broke the silence, the irritation quite distinct in his rusty voice.
His sister turned to him, a bored and slightly frustrated look on her face. “It’s the Leaf Village Kankuro, they’re always a bit slack around here.” She sneered.
Kankuro made a low growling noise.
“Well they’re wasting our time!” he said kicking at a stone on the ground.
“Be patient.”
Gaara’s cold raspy voice broke through Kankuro’s cloud of frustration.
The red head turned his turquoise gaze to the Puppet Master.
“We need the Kouens. They are the only ones who can locate Skiah, and without Skiah, my village is in danger.” He said his voice soft and yet the finality was enough to make anyone’s skin crawl.
Kankuro shifted uncomfortably, but nodded his head.
“Fine, I’ll be patient.” He muttered, turning his gaze away from Gaara’s and resuming to kick the rock at his feet.
“Who else is going with us?” Temari said changing the subject.
“Surely there must be others, it’s not like these Kouens are anything special.”
“The Sensei of the girl selected a few who volunteered freely, they were not randomly chosen.” Gaara answered monotonelessly
“Should we be worried?” Kankuro snorted. “It’s not like these Leaf Shinobi are anything special either.”
“They will suffice.” Gaara growled.
Kankuro made a small noise that seemed to say “We will see.”

Bekkah and Ash strode through the winding streets of the Village, heading toward the main gate. Not a word had passed between them since leaving the housing area in which Bekkah lived.
“Who is accompanying us?” Bekkah said breaking the silence.
Ash kept his fast pace, but his eyes lit up with a slight curiosity.
“I’m not sure.” He answered. “All I recall is your Sensei said he would be asking shinobi to volunteer.”
Bekkah felt a little jolt run through her body.
“Volunteers?” she said smoothly.
Ash raised an eyebrow.
“What about it?” he said slowly, his eyes narrowing.
Bekkah shrugged, turning away from him. Ash glanced at her through the corner of his eyes but left it there.
“Ash, Bekkah.” The voice broke through the two Kouens thoughts.
They turned to see Lara Hyuuga approaching, followed closely by Naruto Uzumaki, Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka.
“Hey Bekkah!” Kiba said running up to her and giving her a tight hug.
Bekkah smiled, pushing him off playfully. “You act like you haven’t seen me in years.” She said with a laugh.
Kiba rubbed the back of his neck smiling. “Hey sorry I care.” he laughed, Akamaru barked atop his head, Ashbeak responded with a sharp caw.
“Why are all you here?” Ash said breaking the silence between the rest of the group.
Lara raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t it obvious Kouen, we are to accompany you.” She said simply.
Ash looked around the group and leaned in close to Lara.
“No Uchiha?” he hissed almost too eagerly.
Lara almost laughed. “As far as I know.” She said eyes darting to Bekkah, but she was still too engrossed with her conversation with her half-brother to hear what was being said.
“Good, he is the last thing I need distracting my cousin.” Ash growled his dislike for the Uchiha boy seemingly unchanged despite the fact Sasuke had greatly assisted in the fight against Harker and her hell hounds.
Lara nodded in agreement.
“He is not in his right mind as it is.” She said.
“I saw him this morning; he was very distraught, seemed very distracted.” She didn’t mention the feather he was twirling softly between his fingers.
Ash snorted. “What a shame.” He said with cruel sarcasm.
“Hey are you guys coming!?” The voice broke through the two scheming shinobis.
Naruto was waving at them frantically; he and the rest of the group were already back on track, heading towards the main gate. Ash and Lara exchanged a quick look before starting after them.
Bekkah was still going over the members of the group in her mind. Someone was missing; someone she had thought would volunteer in a heartbeat.
She felt a small twang of disappointment. Where was Sasuke?
Three figures came into view as the group approached the main gate, it took Bekkah mere seconds to focus her eagle-like gaze on the group and determine who it was.
The Sand trio had been waiting patiently for a while now it seemed.
Ash was first to speak as the group neared the Sand siblings.
“We are sorry for our lateness, it could not be helped.”
“I don’t see why.” Kankuro muttered, but silenced after a dark look from Gaara.
Gaara’s eyes locked with Ash’s, Ash met his gaze unflinchingly.
“It was a minor inconvenience.” He rasped.
He broke the gaze and turned to the other members of the group, regarding them with cold turquoise eyes.
“You are one short.” He finally said, eyes skimming over the group once more.
“As far as I’m concerned, we are only the ones who volunteered.” Lara said coldly, her eyes narrowing with distrust.
Gaara turned to her, his eyes blank, yet fierce, but Lara was used to locking eyes with an opponent, she glared back, her own pupiless eyes just as fierce.
“You are one short.” Gaara repeated.
“And we will not leave until he arrives.”
“He?” Ash sneered, “How do you know the sex of the other so called member of our party?”
Gaara didn’t turn to him; he instead rested his penetrating gaze on Bekkah.
“Because I know he will come.” He said more to her than to anyone else.
Bekkah was taken aback; she opened her mouth to speak but hesitated, unsure of what to say. The boys gaze lingered on her momentarily; she saw something flash behind his eyes, understanding? Distrust?
“Who else could possibly be coming?” Kiba growled, his canine teeth glinting in the fading sunlight.
“As long as it’s not that little punk I ran into the other day.” Kankuro muttered, smothering a yawn. His eyes behind the purple paint suddenly grew wide, blazing with rage.
“You have got to be kidding me!” he snarled his eyes darting over the shoulders of the group to the forest beyond the gate.
The group turned their gazes to the forests edge, intent on seeing who or what had set the Puppet Master in such a mood.
Approaching the group, head held up high, a strut in his walk was Sasuke Uchiha, his face was as arrogant as always, but Lara could see the pain was still evident behind his black piercing eyes.
Bekkah looked up, her golden eyes on the Uchiha boy, she felt Ash groan beside him, and several groans from Kiba respond.
Sasuke watched the expressions on the shinobis change as he approached, not one seemed at all pleased to see him, except Bekkah. Sasuke felt his legs grow weak as his gaze rested on the Kouen girl. He felt that familiar pain stab at his chest and his softened gaze hardened. He saw her tilt her head in that show of bird like curiosity at his sudden change in demeanour. He felt his gaze soften once more and he inwardly sighed. Why did she have to be so beautiful?
“So this is our last group member.” Ash said bluntly as Sasuke came to a stop.
“Got a problem Ash?” Sasuke sneered folding his arms over his chest.
“Only if you make it one Uchiha” Ash hissed.
Sasuke shot him a smug unflinching smirk.
“We’ll see about that.” He scoffed.
“Alright Sasuke we know you don’t like us, and frankly, we do not overly enjoy your company, so let’s just keep this civil.” Lara interjected her voice calm and passive.
Sasuke glanced at her, and she saw his face flush slightly with embarrassment.
He obviously still remembered their slight confrontation this morning.
“Fine.” He answered turning his back to her.
“Great the punk is with us now.” Kankuro sneered walking straight up to Sasuke, a malicious grin on his painted face.
“Back down Puppet Master, or I will make you.” Sasuke hissed dangerously.
Kankuro laughed. “Oh yeah? Will you now punk?”
Sasuke clenched his fists. “Yes, I will.” He growled.
“Sasuke. . .” Bekkah said warningly, but he ignored her soft words.
“Kankuro stop pestering the kids.” Temari sighed, inspecting her finger nails.
Kiba, Shino and Naruto kept their eyes intently on Sasuke, watching eagerly to see what would happen next, Lara and Ash however seemed bored and un-phased by either shinobi. Gaara watched the scene blankly, his face giving nothing away.
“You know what, I’m sick of your lack of respect to your betters.” Kankuro said taking one of the bundles from his back.
“Kankuro!” Temari said, now seemingly concerned.
“It’s time someone taught you a lesson!”
Quick as a flash the bundle exploded and a clanking contraption flew straight at Sasuke, taking him off guard.
It was a puppet, and it was flying straight towards Sasuke, controlled by blue chakra strings attached to the hands of the Puppet Master. The Puppets arm opened to reveal a deadly looking blade.
“Kankuro stop!” Temari cried
Sasuke leapt backwards, attempting to avoid the blade, he felt his foot slip beneath him and in seconds he was on the ground.
The other shinobi stood stunned it had all happened so quickly.
“Heh, too easy!” Kankuro sneered turning the Puppet toward Sasuke once more its blade aiming for his chest.
“Time to learn some respect!”
There was a sudden burst of chakra, and a clang as metal hit something close to the same substance
The dust cleared to reveal Bekkah with her talons outstretched, blocking the blade from Sasuke.
“Enough!” she snarled, her eyes flashing dangerously from gold to red.
Sasuke opened his mouth to speak, gathering himself up from the dirt.
Kankuro’s mouth was agape in astonishment.
“You moved so quickly.” Was all he managed to say, his puppet hung lifelessly on its chakra strings.
“This is not the way to start a cooperative mission.” She said, hurling the puppet to the ground with a flick of her wrist.
“Yes Kankuro, enough!” Temari snarled, slapping her brother in the back of the head.
“He started it.” Kankuro whined pointing to Sasuke.
Sasuke glared at Kankuro with such venom with such dripping hatred, it felt as if the area around the boy had sunk into a deep oblivion.
“I do not care who started it, I’ve ended it.” Bekkah said lifting her head proudly. The wings on her back retreated as did her talons.
She turned to the rest of the group.
“Thanks for the help it was much appreciated!” she hissed.
Kiba, Shino and Naruto backed away sheepishly.
“You know how it is; don’t want to get in the middle of petty scraps.” Kiba said rubbing the back of his neck.
Bekkah made a loud humph and turned to Sasuke, who had retreated into silence, his back turned on the group.
Gaara, who had been watching the scene silently from the sidelines, suddenly spoke.
“Good it would seem we are all here now.”
The shinobi all turned to him (except for Sasuke who could not be persuaded to do so), now focused on their task ahead.
“As you know there will be two groups, one will travel to the wind country and to my village, the other deep into the Lightning Country.”
“Alright! An adventure!” Naruto cried joyously.
“Settle down Uzumaki!” Ash growled folding his arms huffily.
Gaara ignored Naruto and went on.
“The two Kouens will be travelling to the Lightning Country, with them I have decided for the Hyuuga girl and Uchiha boy to go with them.”
“What?” Both Ash and Lara said at the same time.
“Why Uchiha!?”
Gaara regarded their distaste curiously. “It seemed logical.” He said a smile almost etching across his thin lips.
Kankuro laughed behind him. “Sucks for your group.” He sneered.
“Oh  Kankuro.” Gaara started turning to his older brother.
“You will be going with them.”
“WHAT!?” This time is was Sasuke who had spoken, ignoring Bekkah’s restraining hand he turned to Gaara.
“Why would you purposely send that idiot along with a group that I have suddenly been assigned to?” he snarled.
Gaara didn’t turn him, he was too intent at observing his brothers steaming figure.
“That is my reason.” He said. “And it will not be overruled. Now I suggest we get a move on we have already been delayed enough as it is.”
He turned to Naruto, Shino and Kiba.
“You three, come with Temari and I.”
The three shinobi hesitated, glancing at Ash, Bekkah, Lara and Sasuke, before striding after Temari. Kiba turned and waved to his half-sister, his look seemed to say “Be safe, take care.” Bekkah raised a hand to reassure him she would be fine.
Gaara turned to Ash once more.
“Do you duty Kouen, ensure your clans safety.” With that he followed Temari and the three Leaf Shinobi.
Once they were out of sight, Ash turned to the remaining group.
“Now listen here.” He started his focus on Kankuro and Sasuke.
“You two had better learn to work together, I know you do not like each other, not one bit, but that is no excuse for immaturity and petty squabbles, you got that!”
Sasuke regarded Ash with his arrogant smile.
“Whatever you say Ash, you have my word.” He sneered.
Kankuro glowered at the Kouen, but knowing he was severely out matched he sighed and nodded.
“This isn’t some game, this is a dangerous mission, and the lives of many are at stake.” Lara said quietly. “So we must put our difference aside, for the greater good of all.”
Ash nodded. “Well said Hyuuga, I can see I’ll like working with you.”
“Let’s move out, we have a long way to go.” Lara said, acknowledging Ash’s comment with a small smirk.
The group set off at a steady pace, taking one last look at the fading image of the Leaf Village high wall as it became engulfed by the tree studded horizon.
Suddenly it felt as if a weight had been lifted from Bekkah’s shoulders, she felt free, the feel of the soft breeze through her hair, the smell of the leaves mixed with the sweet scent of some sort of flowering plant.
She felt Sasuke beside her sigh in relief as if leaving the village had eased some part of his mind.
Even Ash seemed in high spirits now as they ventured further into the thickening forest. Kankuro remained at the back of the group, keeping to himself preferring to remain in silent solitude.
Ashbeak flew on ahead, wheeling and diving through the treetops, with Sparky, the yellow heron close behind, chirruping bossily at the little black fire-eagle.
“Do you have an indication on how long it will take to reach the Lightning Country?” Lara Hyuuga broke the quaint silence, speaking directly to Ash.
“If we can keep a good pace, a week or less.” He answered, rolling his shoulders and stretching out his arms.
“You want to fly?” Lara queried, her eyes narrowing slightly.
Ash grinned sheepishly.
“Kouens prefer to be on the wing rather than walking.” He admitted with a small sigh.
“It’s just an inbuilt thing.”
Lara nodded. “There is much about your clan I do not know, and parts that I do, Bekkah has been very informative in certain instances, but then again I am not one to openly delve into another’s thoughts, unless they provoke me.” She said flashing a smile.
Ash shook his head with a slight chuckle. It was ironic as Lara Hyuuga used the thoughts and emotions of her enemies as a weapon against them.
“Your clan is one of much interest.” She said thoughtfully “I wonder if Skiah will be the same.” Ash just nodded.

The day seemed to pass without a fuss, Sasuke and Kankuro kept their distance from each other, Lara and Ash discussed more facts about the clans of Sky, and Bekkah silently trudged beside. Not much had been said between her and Sasuke since they left the village both had seemed to have retreated into an awkward silence. Why was that? Bekkah felt a deep sadness growing inside her once more; she glanced at the Uchiha boy, only to see he was already gazing at her. He noticed her eyes on him and he quickly looked away.
“The sun has almost set; let’s stop here for the night.” Ash said breaking through the young Kouens thoughts.
Bekkah observed her surroundings; Ash had led the group into a small yet safe clearing. She could hear a stream bubbling nearby, and the comforting sound of owls hooting in the distance.
“Good choice” Lara said mildly examining the area.
“It’ll do.” Kankuro snorted, dropping his load and taking a seat on the soft ground.
Ash groaned and fell to a sitting position, his back against the trunk of a tree.
“Much deserved rest” he muttered with a yawn. “We need to make sure we keep our energy up, so I suggest you all try to get a goodnights rest.” He said, smothering another yawn.
Bekkah sighed taking a spot on the grass close to a cluster of small ferns.
She had already began to feel the effects of not having been on a mission for a while, she already felt fatigued by just a days’ worth of journey.
She lay back on the ground, and allowed her golden eyes to flicker to sleep. . .
Bekkah awoke with a start, it had only been a couple hours’ tops and yet the moon was now high in the sky. She glanced around at her companions, her luminescent eyes glowing brightly in the darkness. She saw Lara close by, breathing evenly, eyes tightly shut, Kankuro was nearby, his head resting on his bundles, hood pulled over his face which was at this time clean and without paint. Ash was still resting against the same tree, paint smudge by his hand which was resting gently on his cheek. Sparky and Ashbeak were curled up beside him, sleeping soundly.
Only one person was missing. Where was Sasuke?
Bekkah moved restlessly, she got to her feet and began to make her way to the stream which she could hear close by.
She reached the flowing water’s edge and looked down at her glowing reflection. Her eyes almost looked white with the luminescent glow they give off in the darkness, an inherited Kouen trait. She splashed a handful of the cool crystal water onto her face, and began wiping off the remnants of her Tears of the Phoenix face paint.
“What are you doing?” the voice broke through her tranquillity.
She turned her glowing eyes into the darkness and made out the figure of Sasuke.
“I couldn’t sleep.” She answered, still in a ridged startled position, a very bird-like trait.
Sasuke sighed. “Neither could I.”
He approached her at the water’s edge, his face dim in the moonlight. He sat beside the girl and watched as she continued to wipe the red paint from her eyes.
Bekkah felt his eyes on her, and that all familiar jolt passed between them.
Had things really changed that much in the last few days? She didn’t quite know anymore. Sasuke didn't take his eyes off the Sky Sage, he felt a pain in his chest once again, why didn't things work out how he wished they would?
Bekkah stopped what she was doing and stared out into the water. An owl hooted nearby, she closed her eyes and listened to the calming sound.
Sasuke’s eyes had never left the Sky Sage; he continued to gaze at her with his piercing black stare.
“You missed a spot.” He said softly.
Bekkah turned to him, her eyes alight. “Sorry?”
Sasuke smiled softly, “your face paint, you missed a spot, here, I’ll get it for you.” He said raising a hand, Bekkah recoiled slightly as his hand neared her cheek, Sasuke hesitated now unsure of himself, but ignoring the voice in his head that mocked and taunted him he continued to raise his hand to her face.
She felt his fingers touch the surface of her cheek and he began to wipe the remaining red stain from her face. The strokes of his fingertips became less practical and instead grew softer, Sasuke felt his face go hot and his chest grow tight, he continued to stroke the Sky Sages cheeks despite the fact he had rid her of the paint. His soft strokes became caresses and before he knew it, he had put his other hand on her other cheek and was holding her face softly between his fingertips. And she was letting him; there was no resistance from the girl at all.
Sasuke looked deeply into her startled golden glowing eyes; he saw no sadness, no regret, no fear.
Before Bekkah knew what was happening she was falling into his embrace
“Just stay here with me for this night” Sasuke whispered into her ear, his voice wavering. “Please, try to see things my way.”
He held her back slightly, feeling his face flushing furiously, he was breathing deeply now, his eyes drawing in her every feature as she gazed back at him, her expression still the same as before, not passive, not sad, just longing.
Bekkah felt her breath catch in her throat as Sasuke leaned in closer, she could hear him breathing deeply, almost feel the heat radiating off his flushed skin, she closed her eyes taking in every moment. She felt his lips come into contact with hers sending tingles shooting down every inch of her body, she felt the want and longing in his kiss. Sasuke tried to hold back but he couldn't; not now, not now he had her once more.
After what seemed like minutes he pulled away panting heavily, unsure of what he had just done. Sasuke suddenly felt self-conscious and embarrassed at himself, how could he let himself succumb to this? Not again, he only got hurt last time, what good could come out of this? But as his gaze lingered on the Sky Sage, on her beautiful golden eyes, her stunned, startled yet almost pleased expression, he felt his heart melt again and within seconds had wrapped his arms around her slim figure and was drawing her in for the second kiss.
The Clans of the Sky Ch.3
I started this story in 2012 and only had four chapters written DX
I started writing again and so far am only up to Ch.7 however its getting easier to write as its getting more action from ch.6 onwards. 

Anyway enjoy!
may contain Bekkah/Sasuke</sub? read at your own risk ;)

Kouens, Lara (C) Me

Naruto and its related characters (C) Kishimoto
Bekkalada's Deviantart Journal to you 


I saw :iconmoodybeatlegirl: do this so decided to give it a whiz XD


1. Pick any of your OCs

2. Have them be drunk as heck

3. Answer the questions

4. Tag (anyone who wants to do it.)


Bekkah, Ash, Shi'Zuh and Ailee

1. Yo. What's your name?

Bekkah: Rebi...something er-rather. .  hehehe . .  Kouens have stoopid names :B

Ash: Ash the all mighty! *Stands on table swaying*

Shi'Zuh: Believe meeee, its too damn hard for you useless *cough* humans to pronounce!

Ailee: Aileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 8D

2. What are you drinking? Can I have some?

Bekkah: Drinking? whattyda mean drinking, I don't drink! *sway*

Ash: I dunno whattidiz, but the Kouens make it good they do!

Shi'Zuh: Romulan Ale, what else is there hahaha

Ailee: I"m having, what he's having hhehehe

3. Are you even legally allowed to drink at your age?

Bekkah: . . .

Ash: pffttttt I'm 19 that's all good in straya!

Shi'Zuh: Well what would a human like you do if I wasn't anyway ;)

Ailee: hehehehehe of course!!!

4. Do you have any crushes on anyone?

Bekkah: . . . This game is borrrrrrrrrrring!!!

Ash: all the single ladies want me <3 ALRIGHT LADIES WHO WANTS A PIECE OF THE ASH! *stumbles and falls*

Shi'Zuh: NO I DO NOT WANT AILEE! *goes silent and swirls drink*

Ailee: Hehehe Shi'Zuh, you're cute when you're drunk *attempts to stumble towards him, Shi'Zuh blushes from more than intoxication*

5. What's their name?

Bekkah: Imma tell you nuttin!


Shi'Zuh: *whispers into cup* she's a pretty golden eye'd vulcan girl called. . . *trails off*

Ailee: hehehehe. . . He's a shy one, and it starts withha S and ends with a zoooo

6. I bet you can't tell me your deepest, darkest secret.

Bekkah: Does the red bird thingy inside me count? Imma can't member its name rite nao

Ash: come closer. . . CLOSER! *whispers* I'm. . . awesome!

Shi'Zuh: I'm Rommmmulan?

Ailee: I have none, naught, nah, nuttin hehehehe

8. Do you realize what you've just said?

Bekkah: the red bird thingy. . ?

Ash: GASP now the whole worlds knows, oh noesssssss

Shi'Zuh: You can't say Romulan on live TV?

Ailee: hehehheheHEHEHEHEHEH

9. Your crush is trying to kiss you right?

Bekkah: . . .


Shi'Zuh: REALLY? Imma not ready!!

Ailee: butt he's sitting over there *points gorggily into nothing* I dun feel so good. . .

10. Just kidding.~ <3

Bekkah: . . .

Ash: :'(

Shi'Zuh: :'( :'( :'( :'(

Ailee: Im confused. . . *takes another sip*

11. Do you any mancrushes/girlcrushes?

Bekkah: wtf? I'M NO FLOOZYYY

Ash: Does myself count!? *Leaps onto table groggily again*

Shi'Zuh: Whaaaaaaaa?

Ailee: Excuseeee me?

12. Who is Batman's secret identity

Bekkah: me

Ash: ME!

Shi'Zuh: Who's this man of bats you speak of?

Ailee: heheheh. . . bat man. . . .

13. Who do you think could be God?

Bekkah: Itwssa not Tori?


Shi'Zuh: There is no god *sip sip*

Ailee: Imma hide. . .

14. Who is Superman's secret identity?

Bekkah: . . .

Ash: . . .

Shi'Zuh: . . . *sip sip*

Ailee: . . .

15. What's your secret identity?

Bekkah: . . . dun tell nobody. . . but I am. . . the manbat. . . hahahahahaha

Ash: Captain ASH! DESTROYER OF EVIL WASHIS!!! HOORUHHH!!! *falls over*

Shi'Zuh: I need not an identity! 

Ailee: uggghhh I dun feel so good. . .

16. Are you getting hangover yet?

Bekkah: . . . my head hurts. .. wheres Ashbeak?

Ash: whattt. . .?

Shi'Zuh: Bitch plz, I'm a heavy drinker, it doesn't affect me, *sip sip*


17. Need some medicine?

Bekkah: plz. . . .

Ash: NO I AM STRONG! I AM. . . ughhhhh :(

Shi'Zuh: More ale will cure me! *sip sip*

Ailee: :'( :'( :'(

18. Would you feel better if your crush cuddled you while you rested?

Bekkah: . . . :meow:

Ash: I NEED NO ONE! . . . eep.. . . mommy :'( *fetal position*

Shi'Zuh: . . . *moves towards drunked sick Ailee*

Ailee: . . . :)

19. Feel better. It was fun talking to you!

Bekkah: imma throw up nao. . .

Ash: GO AWAY!!!! *BLEERGH!!!*

Shi'Zuh: Eh, it was somewhat amusing *sip sip*

Ailee: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

20. Bye-Bye

Bekkah: *TBLAARGH!*


Shi'Zuh: Farewell *sip sip sip*

Ailee: zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZzz

Well! That was a little entertaining :P Shi'Zuh is an alcoholic so was least affected by it all, Ailee never drinks so went absolutely insane, Bekkah is under-aged at 17 *naughty naughty* and Ash becomes more egotistical the more he drinks XD Hope you enjoyed it :P


ONE SLOT LEFT! (may consider more though)
Anyone want to do an art trade before I start uni again?
:meow: you know you want to!!!! :meow:

Start off with three slots
1. :iconkitty1066: 
2. :iconmoodybeatlegirl:

P.s. I got into Honours! I'm going to be researching bismuth metal as an alternative to treating Leishmania :meow:


Old Trade
1. :iconmaster-kankuro: [Frog themed PokeParty]…


Also! Comment for a feature and link what you want put in ;)

YuGiOh stamp by prosaix deviant yugioh stamp by slifertheskydragon   Jounouchi stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Kaiba stamp by Yami-YugiohFangirl Yugi Atem Stamp by TigerShinigami Yami Marik Stamp by HerzyDIshtar Stamp YGO: TAS Tribute08 by StraysMemoryAlbum Stamp YGO: TAS Tribute05 by StraysMemoryAlbum Yami Fan Stamp by Bayleef- Yuugiou Stamp by Worldincoffee Seto Stamp 10 by NowellsStamps Yami no Yuugi Stamp by Worldincoffee Yuugiou Stamp II by Worldincoffee Chibi Seto Stamp 1 by NowellsStamps
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Seto Stamp 6 by NowellsStamps Seto Stamp 4 by NowellsStamps Yami Marik Stamp by Magica-28 Chibi Seto Stamp 2 by NowellsStamps Yami Marik Stamp II by Magica-28 Bakura church stamp by PecanPie Red-Eyes Darkness Stamp by KuroKarasu Seto Stamp 5 by NowellsStamps






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