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Vladdy by Bekkalada
Yay Vladdy!

I love Vlad I need to draw him more often! (Although I messed up his prosthesis, its his left arm not right >_< ) 

Art/Vlad (C) Me
Star Trek (C) Gene Roddenberry
Understanding by Bekkalada
As soon as Caral spotted the young Kouen boy she felt something, something familiar, he, his younger brother, his parents of whom she knew and his uncle had travelled far with the Kouen clan, stopping for the week on the outskirts of her home town of the Village of Time.
"Jaidan take your brother into the town and show him around" She heard his blue haired father growl, he didn't seem all amused at Jaidan's lack of response.
"Jaidan listen to your father." His golden eyed mother said in a more calm, collective tone.
The boy sighed and took the hand of his younger blue-haired brother. "I'm not staying long, the other children are in there already, I don't want to deal with them." 
Caral regarded the boys parents expressions carefully, his father looked impatient while his mother sympathetic. 
"Avoid them if you can darling." she said placing a hand on her sons shoulder.
Caral watched intently as the boy and his brother strode toward the city extrance, the younger of the two seemed excited, his green eyes alight with joy, while Jaidan stared distastefully at the group of older Kouen children grouped near the entrance, his black eyes dull.
"Look its the freak boy." One of the older boys laughed
"Don't call him that!" the younger boy instantly shot to his brothers defence.
"Kiran don't bother." Caral heard Jaidan sigh.
"Yeah stay out of it hatchling." the boy sneered, he approached Jaidan, towering over the younger boy. Jaidan stared at him, loathing vivid in his black piercing eyes.
"Come on freak boy, fight back." the older boy shoved Jaidan harshly, Jaidan let go of Kiran's hand and jumped backwards to avoid falling. Kiran instantly started running toward a nearby adult.
"Their Uncle, Ashferia?" Caral thought, her eyes though still focused on the one known as Jaidan, she felt a rage deep inside her at the actions of the older boy, at his taunts to the poor black-eyed boy. 
"Fight back!" The older Kouen yelled again, this time in a puff of chakra he had sprouted grey wings and talons, he lunged at Jaidan who leapt back with a gasp.
"Please, don't make me. . ." Jaidan pleaded, avoiding another strike from the older boy as the other children laughed and taunted.
"Oh please don;t make me." the older boy mocked with a snort, he leapt at Jaidan agin, this time he read his body language and changed his direction just as Jaidan leapt back, his talons connected with Jaidans face, gouging his cheek and smudging his tears of the phoenix face paint. The others gasped as Jaidan reached a hand to his face, he felt the wet, sticky consistency of blood, he could smell it clearly. 
He felt red hot anger fill his veins he could feel his head begin to ache.
"I told you not to!" Jaidan roared and in a flash of red chakra his Sky Jutsu was revealed, his feet became feathered and taloned as did his heads, his wings a light blue crackling with un-used electricity. But he had did just as the others wanted him too, he had made himself look like the freak he was.
"There he is, freak Kouen boy!" the older kid laughed. "You are too easy to anger, stupid Kouen."
Caral's rage was begininng to over-biol, how dare these kids taunt and ridicule the poor boy, what had he done to them.
The boy continued to laughed at Jaidan, whose anger had now left. leaving him to feel exposed and embarrassed, he tried to hide his feathered hands behind his back, but the taunts kept coming.
"You'll never be one of us, you'll always be a half-breed reject!"
Suddenly the laughter stopped. The older boy looked confused.
"Hey why did you al--" he started turning around, he stopped in his tracks though, biting his tongue. Caral had appeared behind him, her black eyes screaming with rage, green tinted skin gleaming in the sunlight.
"I'd stop what you are doing if I were you." Caral hissed.
The Kouen children watched on, shaking with fear.
"I--I di-didn't mean anything b-b-by it!" The older boy trembled.
Caral leaned forward, so close on of the green beads in her long black hair touched the boys shoulder, he saw a puff of green smoke arise from it and whimpered.
"Leave." Caral said.
With a flurry of grey feather the boy took off, with his band of friends following close behind.
Caral approached Jaidan, who too seemed wary of her prescence. 
"They will not trouble you no moer, at least not while you are here." she said softly.
"Who are you?" Jaidan quiered, still hiding his hands behind his back.
"I am someone like you, ridiculed and taunted as a child, feared by many, hated for who I am." Caral said leaning closer to the bgoy.
"I know how you feel, I have shared that pain."
Jaidan drew his hands from behind his back and looked at them. "I am the only Kouen who does this." he muttered. "My chakra is red, not blue."
"Do you know why that is?" Caral said.
Jaidan scowled. "Because I am a half-breed, my father is not a Kouen."
Caral almost smiled. "No."
Jaidan glanced up, confused. "But surely that is why?"
"Then why does your brother not possess the same powers?" Caral questioned.
Jaidan looked thoughtful, but could not answers the woman, he sat on the ground, hands over his knees, Caral leant down beside him, placing a hand on the boys shoulder.
"You are special Jaidan Kouen, the reason you are as you are id because like me, you have had the influence of a great and powerful beast."
Jaidan lookled up at her, black eyes skeptical.
"I have no idea what you mean." he replied.
Caral smiled at him sadly and said one word. "Tori".

A little story of how Jaidan Kouen met Caral Lerush, after this meeting Caral took it upon herself (with Bekkah's permission) to explain to Jaidan his "deformation" and teach him to love himself for who he is.

Jaidan to me
Caral to :iconshikuroxkanno:
Hatchling by Bekkalada
It was coming sooner or later, the picture of baby Jaidan with his parents!

Though he and Kiran were raised in the Leaf Village for years, Jaidan himself was a premature birth and Bekkah went into Labour while visiting Ash at the Nomadic Kouen tribe (Thus the tents in the bg, they're always on the move)

Background is eh, I like how the foreground turned out though!


Art/Bekkah/Jaidan (C) me
Sasuke (C) Kishimoto
Mah Tattoo by Bekkalada
Mah Tattoo
My Chemistry inspired Lithium atom + test-tubes tattoo :P
Designed by myself and applied by a great tattooist
Bekkalada's Deviantart Journal to you 

So today was my last exam ever for my bachelor degree in science. If I pass (which I'm sure I will) I will have a major in chemistry and three minors in biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Its really passed by so quick! Three years already. If all goes well and I manage a distinction average in my third year chemistry units I'll be able yo do an honours year :D Wish me luck!


I'll have five slots available
1. :iconmaster-kankuro: [Frog themed PokeParty]…


Also! Comment for a feature and link what you want put in ;)

YuGiOh stamp by prosaix deviant yugioh stamp by slifertheskydragon   Jounouchi stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Kaiba stamp by Yami-YugiohFangirl Yugi Atem Stamp by TigerShinigami Yami Marik Stamp by HerzyDIshtar Stamp YGO: TAS Tribute08 by StraysMemoryAlbum Stamp YGO: TAS Tribute05 by StraysMemoryAlbum Yami Fan Stamp by Bayleef- Yuugiou Stamp by Worldincoffee Seto Stamp 10 by NowellsStamps Yami no Yuugi Stamp by Worldincoffee Yuugiou Stamp II by Worldincoffee Chibi Seto Stamp 1 by NowellsStamps
Yu-Gi-Oh: Atem by st-stamps Atem Stamp by TigerShinigami Seto Stamp 11 by NowellsStamps Stamp YGO: TAS Tribute07 by StraysMemoryAlbum Seto Stamp 2 by NowellsStamps Why so British? Stamp by purapuss Support Little Kuriboh Stamp by odihemay6 Yami Bakura stamp by Twisastrous
Ancient Egypt. British :Stamp: by Circe-Baka I'm Funny Stamp by DarthRegina125 Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Dan Green Stamp by erikagrace303 YGOTAS: Wanker - Stamp by Nemisor King of Games Stamp I by Lorainneh Bakura Heart Stamp by PecanPie blue eyes white dragon stamp by RoseRaptor-Stamps
Seto Stamp 6 by NowellsStamps Seto Stamp 4 by NowellsStamps Yami Marik Stamp by Magica-28 Chibi Seto Stamp 2 by NowellsStamps Yami Marik Stamp II by Magica-28 Bakura church stamp by PecanPie Red-Eyes Darkness Stamp by KuroKarasu Seto Stamp 5 by NowellsStamps






Bekkalada out! :iconimhappiestplz:
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